Monday, August 29, 2016


So since I last posted, my six year anniversary and 34th birthday came and went. Both events in my life were incredible and I will admit that I was completely spoiled. I thank anyone and everyone that came out with my husband and I to celebrate love and my 34 years of existence. In addition to those festivities, last Wednesday I attended an event called "Dance Now Think Later." I and other daring dance buffs took part in a dance revolution at Inhale Miami that began at 6am. I honestly was not sure how the turnout would be and if I myself would make it being that I was under the weather but I began to feel highly motivated as I pulled up and noticed a great amount of energetic individuals ready to take the dance floor with full enthusiasm. Prior to commencing, my good friend and student who had invited me out, Liza Pitsirilos, had us loosen up to soothing meditation music. At first I was a bit shy but after realizing how carefree everyone else became, I quickly joined in on the fun. Aside from being able to let go at this amazing morning dance party, I was even more driven by the fact that all proceeds went out to benefit children of Miami and South Africa. Special thanks to Liza for the great challenge, the incredible vendors and to all my dancing peers who without knowing motivated me to rise n shine n DANCE!

Now onto discuss who really had me going this morning at the gym... TEYANA TAYLOR! Many of you may not have been familiar with who she was until her appearance last night in Kanye West's latest music video for his song "Fade" but I myself have been acquainted with her since she appeared in MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" approximately 9 years ago.


She is not only an impeccable singer/dancer/all-around performer but I have always been captured by her incredibly defined and fit form in particularly when she graced Vibe Vixen magazine with a Janet Jackson inspired look.


With abs of steel that could basically break knuckles if a punch at them was attempted, Ms. Taylor has always and forever had my full attention. Although I knew what she was working with, I was still shocked when I saw her at full throttle giving us All Those Abs and such an electrifying Flashdance moment in the "Fade" video. For years I have been waiting for people to recognize her talent and I think Kanye providing us with a "Sit n Wait For It" moment was done oh so right in EVERY single way. Oh and did I mention that she gave birth less than a year ago?!!!

Shout out to her boo thang NBA player, Iman Shumpert

All in all, if this does not motivate you to get in HIGH gear and work your bums off, I do not know what will. As for me, I'm staying consistent with my workouts, eating well and back on my zero alcohol phase so I can be "Taylor Made." What's the reward at the end of the finish line? Oh just, well, THIS...

To life, to health, to fitness, to the NEW You,

Steph A.K.A. Mzs. Stiletto


Monday, August 8, 2016


If you have been staying on top of my previous posts for the past couple of weeks, you'll know that I had a wedding to attend and prepare for. As part of my preparation, I gave myself a 42 Day No Drinking Challenge which would come to an end on the wedding date of August 4th. One of the primary reasons was so that I would be able to get into a beautiful electric blue dress being made by my seamstress. Aside from that, I wanted to know how this hardcore drinker could get through what she knew would be a difficult challenge. How'd I do? FANTASTIC!

The first couple of days were a little bit intimidating, especially on the week I had friends from out of town paying us a visit. However, as time went on, as my clothing became loose, and as I noticed an immense increase in my strength during workouts, the easier it was to say ‘No to Drinks.' I truly thought that I would not have been able to get through this challenge but you know what? I survived and with zero problems. There was no greater feeling than the one I had each and every time I met with my seamstress for fittings and she would have to continue taking the dress in. Finally, the day of my final, she gave me the end results and advised that I had come down a total of 6 INCHES!!! My start was 35 inches at the waist and my end, 30. Aside from that, I dropped 5% of Body Fat. Incredible.

Special thanks to Rosa for my incredible dress.

I will not sit here and type away lies that the non-drinking was the only reason I had come down. I must give credit to my exceptional training, clean eating and, of course, determination. It was not only the smile on my face as I fit into my dress with no problem that has now driven and motivated me to go even further, but much rather that of my proud husband’s as I walked through the wedding garden while he waited by his favorite place, the bar. I am thankful not for having completed the mission, but for having been able to recognize that alcohol shall no longer consume my life. It’s funny because after I had my first drink I was not even jumping for joy, I was more like “no big deal.” Life is just that way, when you do not have something for so long, you kinda stop missing it altogether. But still, you know that first sip brought a tingly feeling to my lips and smirk at the face...


All in all, my weekend was great. Not only did we celebrate love with the wedding, our 6th year wedding anniversary (really on the 13th but we skipped town early to Naples), but I celebrated the reward of great health and winning a challenge. I know I normally post pictures in between paragraphs but not today. Today I give you a straight story book with descriptions back to back of last week’s events, pictures of Mr. & Mrs. Garb, my dashing hubby, surprises he gave me for our anniversary and more…

Back off ladies. He's allllll mine! Thanks to Mens Warehouse for makin' him shine!

Hair color and application by Annie from Styles of Beauty. (Tell them I sent you.)

Wedding day styling by Vanity by Vanessa

THE GORGEOUS BRIDE & HANDSOME GROOM!!! Thanks for having us guys!!

A heartfelt thank you for making our 6th year wedding anniversary so incredible. Words cannot express how surprised I was.

To see him smile is to make my heart race a hundred miles per second...


Just because you're on a staycation, doesn't mean you give up...

Want to challenge yourself? Go ahead. Might be the best test you’ll ever take. Beat yourself at your own game, the rewards will be grand. I promise. And who knows, you might get treated to a spa day like I did for the hard work...

Thanks to Jennifer from Naples Grand Beach Resort for the incredible Swedish massage...

To life, to health, to fitness, to the NEW You,

Steph A.K.A. Mzs. Stiletto

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


So with a tight schedule this weekend that included a performance and with two late business meetings on Monday and Tuesday, I was unable to make it to the gym. I know what you're thinking "ok Mrs. Excuses." Listen, I get to the gym at 7am every morning and one thing I will not do is sacrifice my workout's endurance and strength just to tell myself  "I went" and in fact, I honestly believe thay the rest did me some good. Upon my return today, I felt energetic and was able to increase my weights from 15lbs to 17.5lbs and 10lbs. to 12.5lbs. Aside from that, I looked at my physique and either my mind is playing tricks on me or I am actually getting much leaner. I decided to read up on why this was and came across an article titled "Take a Break" by Chris Zaino on one of my favorite fitness sites

Image credit to

He goes into explain the importance of "RECOVERY." He discusses the importance of recovering not only physically but mentally as well, not to mention the break that your nervous system needs to take. "Even though we take days off from the gym a couple times a week, after weeks and weeks of pounding our bodies, we may require more than one or two days." Ahhh, so then there IS a difference. I never imagined that a week off or close to it would be so rewarding and you know what, it was. If you have been killing yourself at the gym, relax a bit. Do not deprive your body of the much needed rest time that you and it deserves.


For more information on recovery and its importance, copy and paste this link to your URL:

Before I go, I just want to say how happy and great I have been feeling about myself. My recent lifestyle change has not only been great for the way my body is looking but for my shows. Even my husband is noticing. I have been performing since a child but this past Saturday, I had power, stamina, strength and my words were as clear as ever. Many asked how I had so much energy. I said "I'm now dedicated to my body." See for yourself...

 Enjoy the rest of your week and HAPPY HUMP DAY!


To life, to health, to fitness, to the NEW You,

Steph A.K.A. Mzs. Stiletto

Monday, July 11, 2016


Don't be shy, we've all had it. That aching pain in your stomach and dealing with the uncomfortable feeling of not being able to go to the bathroom, CONSTIPATON. If you read my post last week, you'll remember me writing about how my 4th of July weekend was completely destroyed because of it. I tried everything in the sky to cure me of my torment, prune juice, lemon ginger tea, Gas-X, Miralax, damn it, I even went to the ER and had an IV stuck in me. Not to say that the IV didn't help, it assisted a ton, and I must say that the tea did soothe the cramping, however, in the end, I feel that what really got the job done were the carbs.


NOOO!! Not the ones photographed above, the healthy ones.

I am a huge pasta, potato, and of course, BREAD lover. However, since I've been watching the tummy, I've cut down...A LOT. Yet, last week, it was the only thing that helped me with my constipation. I didn't go crazy, I had some slices of my absolute favorite, Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Bread.


I was introduced to it last year by a good friend of mine and fellow Fit Queen, Aimee. I let her know how getting rid of bread was the hardest thing to do for me and she told me about Ezekiel and how I could basically use it as an scapegoat. No, you can't overdo it, however, one slice is only 80 calories and it is low in fat. Well I ran out to Publix, got me some Ezekiel, and long behold, I am back to my regular self. Again, I am not saying that the above-mentioned remedies had nothing to do with my healing process, however, I strongly believe that what really got me going, no pun intended, were the carbs. I was able to enjoy my weekend with great friends, still no drinking, and had no tummy issues. Ahhhh, the pleasure. So if you're ever feeling uneasy, a lil, well you know, stuck, call up the carbs, the good ones at least. They might in the end be the ones to get you out of a tight jam and get you going from this...


TO this...


pun EXTREMELY intended.


Well enjoy your week and I sure hope the information was useless because let's face it, it ain't no secret that we all get stuck in a rut sometimes. Before I go...

DAYS LEFT: (Think my numbers may have been off last week...Oops)


To life, to health, to fitness, to the NEW You,

Steph A.K.A. Mzs. Stiletto

Wednesday, July 6, 2016



I know I'm two days behind with my post and not because I ran out of content but because, well basically, I had the weekend from hell!!!! I sure hope you all had a joyous, festive and relaxing weekend because I most certainly did not. It all started out on Thursday evening when I became consumed with lower back pain. By Friday morning, I was vomiting with severe cramping and constipation. I became worried because I had not one, but two shows that evening and the uncertainty of whether or not I was going to pull through played with my emotions for the entire work day. Like the champ that I am, I did everything possible to make the first show a success and well the second one was a flop because of the promoter but that's beside the point. One thing that remained was the excruciating pain I was going through. The Gas-X wasn't being very affective and when it comes to pain, I am quite the bit of a pansy. I wasn't getting any better and I already accepted the fact that my 4th of July weekend would mainly be spent home.

By Saturday morning I was at CVS stocking up on some meds, prune juice (ewwww), soup and Miralax. I ran home with the hope that this would all save the weekend, boy was I wrong. Miralax, thank you for royally destroying my fun time. I was stuck in the bathroom literally from Saturday all the way through Tuesday. I couldn't understand what it was that had gotten me to this point. Was it too much protein shakes, was it the change in my diet, was it that maybe I was expecting? So many thoughts ran through my mind.

So the weekend came and went but my cramping, nausea and daily runs remained. Sorry to sound grotesque but I am not going to sit here and sugarcoat anything that I went through this weekend. My poor husband had to deal with it and the only thing I looked up to was the fact that I got new furniture and was able to select a new color palette for my bedroom. So hey, at least I had that joyous occasion.

Finally by Tuesday I went into work with cramps and all but I did make the decision to call the doctor. His recommendations were that I go to the ER. So after a 7 hour wait time, people must've had a great weekend, blood work, a CT scan and a urine test, I got the results... "You're not pregnant but you do have a stomach virus." All that and that's the best they could tell me. I will admit that the IV got me a bit more hydrated and helped with the cramps so I guess the hospital visit was helpful and I am glad it wasn't something more serious. Besides, I got to enjoy the extremely good looking staff at Kendall Regional Medical Center. I guess headshots are required in order to be considered for employment. All I can say after my rough weekend is this, nutrition is soooo important. Staying balanced and really watching what you put into your mouth. Sometimes we think, "oh hey this can't be that bad" and in reality it is the worst thing you can have. I believe that the protein shake I had been taking may have bared some responsibility to my feeling ill but for the most part I blame myself for not taking the proper precautions and listening to my body when I had mild cramping the week before. Either way, lesson well learned.

So that was my weekend in nutshell. I am glad you all had a great one and hopefully my Labor Day will be better spent. But hey, I will say this, I did have two great things that happened, 1. A HUGE announcement will be made with regards to major changes in TASTE Ladies and a big addition and 2. I was introduced to Niykee Heaton!! Thanks to her music, I survived the weekend!! And can we PRAISE her body!!!


Oh and by the way...


To life, to health, to fitness, to the NEW You,

Steph A.K.A. Mzs. Stiletto

Monday, June 27, 2016


So I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I most certainly did. Before I get started, I will remind you all about my 42 No Drinking Challenge. I want to keep you all posted on my progress and challenges. So at the end of each weekly post, I will be writing a side note titled DAYS LEFT which will let you know how much more I got left. Now onto today's post.
Not only has my nutrition been on point but I have been faithful to my fitness having completed five days strong this week. I will admit that being a good girl was not at all that difficult primarily because hubby was out of town so there were no drinking nor poor eating temptations. Unfortunately, he returned yesterday. Don't get me wrong, I am glad he is back, but the moment he got off the plane it was straight to the beach where he immediately made a stop at the liquor store and then after, we went to a cousin's house for a nice family get together. Now I come from a Cuban background and we all know what a Latin party consists of, great music, great drinks and great Foooood!!! So how'd I do?! Fantastic! I stuck to my no drinking policy regardless of my tempting surroundings and besides the small and plain vanilla ice cream I had, I did my thing fit ladies and gents. I so far am facing the challenges and with no pain but I am sure many gains.


Now I am sure you're saying, "ice cream?" Truth of the matter is, I think it was well-deserved. I had it topped with only peanuts and was guilt-free. I now have come to realize that if you've accomplished everything you wanted to accomplish during the week, if you have fought the urges, stayed consistent on both your diet and exercise regimens and are surely positive that you have given it your very BEST and nothing less, then there is nothing wrong with a little reward. I am not saying to overdo it, but try to supplement things like a Hot-Fudge Sunday with just regular vanilla ice cream (preferably frozen yogurt but if not available, just plain vanilla will do) and nuts, or maybe cinnamon, or fruit even. There is absolutely no reason why you should give up on your indulges because if you do, I guarantee that you'll have that one day where you decide to break and have them all at once then you've opened up the flood gates and going back from that is not only dissatisfying but will bring you to a depressive state. Trust me, I've lost the battle against many demons before but this time, I'm winning. Take my advice and you will be well on your way to fitness success.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and remember, great week, gets you to a simple cheat.


To life, to health, to fitness, to the NEW You,

Steph A.K.A. Mzs. Stiletto

Monday, June 20, 2016


Summer has finally arrived, well, I live in Miami so it is basically Summer all year round but hey, it's still good to be able to celebrate. Today is June 20th and not only does it mark the first day of Summer, but for me, it marks the first day of my "Clean for 42 Days" policy. What's that about? Don't mind me while I explain. I ladies and gentlemen, consider myself to be quite the heavy drinker. While I do not indulge in any other social activities, I refuse to mention, there is nothing that makes my social setting more interesting than a nice vodka pineapple, vodka cranberry, shoot, vodka anything. Unfortunately, however, not only do those sweet little temptations tend to make my nights, but they have appeared to make my midsection EXPLODE! So for the next 42 days, I am on a NO DRINKING restriction.

 Why 42 days you ask? Well to be honest, I have a wedding that I am attending August 4th and the celebration festivities commence the 3rd so I am going to be realistic and say that I will make-up for some lost alcoholic consumption time that week but prior to, I must get into this amazing dress I have my eyes and heart set on. While absolutely no one is going to be giving the beautiful bride and her dashing groom competition that evening, I at least want to feel fulfilled and great about myself to be able to pull something in the likes of what I am wearing off.

Nope, that's not the dress and that's not me. :-)

I wasn't always a drinker but when I started working at a bar some years ago, I grew a high tolerance to it and honestly, I hate that I did because it allowed for me to be able to consume much more than the average individual. But again, it did much damage to my body and I am sure my health. All in all, I think a drink every now and then is not a problem, however, I believe one should be smart and, of course, SAFE while drinking. In the meantime, it is nothing but water for your girl and you know what, I'm not upset about it. I lived without alcohol for about 22 years so what's 42 days right? I have faith in me, do you? Want to do the challenge with me? Didn't think so. Oh well, wish me luck from the sidelines and to a clean and healthy 42 days.

Happy 1st Day of Summer!!!

To life, to health, to fitness, to the NEW You,

Steph A.K.A. Mzs. Stiletto